Date of the opening:

31 March 2017

Running time:

1h 40′


Main stage

What happens if our emotions are found out? If we have to admit, concede that which beats in our throat? This might be our greatest fear. We are used to fear. We fear being fragile, we fear admitting that which is forbidden, yet human. Phaedra is the consort of one of the greatest Greek heroes: Theseus. Woman. Wife, human, being capable of emotions in a world in which girls are raped, carried by ship through myriad of islands and if love dies down, then left alone withing the cold walls of a castle.  

Memories of a once strong love are in these circumstance mostly preserved within little heroes: a boy, whose name not yet shakes the earth, but in whose heart there rests the exemplary image: the fate of the heroic father, his adventurous life, his sublime deeds. It is a seemingly solemn world:  everything in balance. The wild, rocky countryside is cleared of all danger by unflinching heroes, and in the harbors faithful women await the return of their husbands. 

Phaedra on the other hand loves. And she doesn`t love Theseus anymore, who eloped across the seven seas: the cruel god of love hid another man’s face in her heart. Is it a sin to love the one you are not allowed to? This is the question posed by the text of Figura with its roots in the ancient Greek myth and the classic tragedy based on it.


Dramaturgy: Czegő Csongor
Costume designer: Márton Erika
Set designer: Tenkei Tibor
Composer: Bocsárdi Magor
Director`s assistant: Fodor Györgyi

Directed by: Albu István