Václav Čtvrtek – Kárpáti Péter

Date of the opening:

13 December 2014

Running time:



Main stage

Not always was Rumcajs a brigand. He used to live in Jičín with his family and used to work as a shoe repairsman. But one day the arrogant ruler of the little town tried to force the populace to respect him. Rumcajs rather moved to live in the neighbouring forest. Instead of living with arrogant earls and countesses he befriended happy gnomes and fairies and lived his joyous and peaceful life in a desolate cave. Our story picks up here: on that fateful morning when his cave is overcome with the awful smell of cologne. Who is the source of the awful cologne, who is to be forced on Rumcajs as tenant in his cave and how does wild strawberry jam end up on the cave’s propeitor’s head can be learned from Figura’s play entitled Rumcajs, the thief.


Costume designer: György Eszter
Set designer: Dézsi Szilárd
Special thanks to: Tamás Anikó

Directed by: Dézsi Szilárd