Date of the opening:

26 November 2017

Running time:

1h 00′


Studio hall

What does it mean to become a celebrity? What effect do reality shows and talent shows have on the younger generations? What advantages and disadvantages does such a celebrity status have? At any rate what kind of moral and ethical standards does one have to live up to who submit themselves to the requirements of the producers? According to survey the large majority of youth would gladly partake in reality and talent shows thinking that stardom in this way is easily attainable. Week by week votes decide peoples’ fate and viewers are rarely aware that this is a gesture manipulated by the media. The play brings these questions forth giving due time to audience opinions too.


The production was realized with the help of Romanian Alliance of Hungarian Democrats (RMDSz) and the Communitas Foundation.



Costume designer: Török Réka
Music consultant: Bocsárdi Magor

Directed by: Dávid A. Péter