Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Date of the opening:

22 September 2015

Running time:

1h 40′


Studio performance in the main hall

The play takes place in an idyllic luxury medical clinic, at a private sanatorium where millionaires come to ease the burden of the century. The idyll is suddenly disturbed by a series of sudden murders. Three of the clinics guests are frequenters, scientists whom are only known even by the staff by the chosen names of Newton, Einstein and Möbius, and who for some unknown reason have been guests of the clinic for years on end. It is they around whom the threads of a strange criminal case are woven that is the springing board for Dürenmatt’s play. 

Investigating this crime is the starting point from which Dürenmatt’s comedy builds up to a story being about one of the most important questions of the 20th century: that of the responsibility of the individual. Are we responsible for the world that as a consequence of our actions and groundbreaking discoveries is constantly changing around us? What is to be done with an invention that can fundamentally change the world but at the same time can also destroy with a simple push of a button? Is the scientist responsible for the knowledge that due to his reason and thinking becomes his property? – these are among others the questions Figura’s play poses to the viewers. 


Set designer: Tenkei Tibor
Costume designer: Bocskai Gyopár
Colleague: Török Réka

Directed by: Albu István