Demeter Kata

Date of the opening:

24 September 2017

Running time:

1h 00′


Main stage

Every child has their favorite toy that are accorded special time and care, while others are forgotten and then rediscovered again. Every child plays but not only with their toys but also their imaginations: not much is needed to envision bloody battles, magical horses and bloodthirsty dragons, witch dens or fairylands in the middle of the room or the back of the cupboard. Because as night settles and the owners of fable lands close their doors behind themselves as they go to sleep, life doesn’t stop – not at all! Then it becomes obvious what is one made of! Each toy feels, wills and acts: villains and heroes awake to conquer the world, clash for the favors of fairy-princesses or enact revenge for past misdeeds. As it goes in fables, happy end is almost guaranteed, but everything has its price. Somebody has to pay for everlasting joy and happiness. Somebody who values good and right above their own interests and who can love unconditionally. Somebody who is brave enough to fight for something they believe in: the tiniest witch.


The production was realized with the help of the NKA (Nemzeti Kulturális Alap), Romanian Alliance of Hungarian Democrats (RMDSz) and the Communitas Foundation.



Király Kis Miklós

Dragonman / Globetrotter

Magic Horse / Boxman

Costume designer: Török Réka
Set designer: Szűcs-Olcsváry Gellért
Video: Ferenczi Zoltán
Dramaturgy: Demeter Kata

Directed by: Nagy Regina