Date of the opening:

26 May 2017

Running time:

1h 00′


Studio hall

Only one: two words you can fit a life in. Everything that ever was or ever will be is there in one moment, in one good or bad decision, one love, one breath, one...  It would be a pity not to notice that every single one of us is exceptional. It would be a pity not to notice: we are only one. The play emerged out of the recognition with the purpose of that the end product to be self-identical. It examines the different roles of femininity occasionally being critical to itself, at times only by casually telling a tale, at other times by summoning it and truly embodying it. Theatrical Assassination on a Body –  the creators gave this title because the main theme of the performance is the actress herself, who recalls and recreates moments and experiences of her own, her past, her desires or just stories she’ve heard. All of this just to be able to arrive to a state of mind, where her true voice lies, her inner silence and that one motion she didn’t know existed. The show is made of small sketches coming from the heart and flesh of the Woman.


Choreographer: Györfi Csaba

Directed by: Györfi Csaba