Date of the opening:

15 January 2017

Running time:

2h 10′


Main stage

Why is Onegin a masterpiece? What are the main questions of this almost two centuries old play? Love and finding happiness? Is it enough to hold on dearly to these keywords that so solemnly pervade our lives, while we are fighting the ever growing inner loneliness?

We always await something, something that’s existence most probably, can only be justified in our self-righteous, law unto ourselves universe. Sometimes we hold on so desperately that we come to think that letting go is going to be the last relevant moment of our lives. Yet if we could rid ourselves from this obsession, like an endless shoothing light, the state where life and death are equal could unfold before our eyes. 

The gift that lies beyond this extraordinary experience is a still dance, a taste further than savoury which cannot be measured. Onegin talks about the peaks of desire and the precipice of letting go, in which it is worth so purposely falling for more than a lifetime, just to get a glimpse of divine beauty.  Because only these love stories last for two centuries.


Set and costume design: Márton Erika
Coreographer: George Pop
Dramaturgical consultant: Tamás István
Light designer: Erőss László
Music compilation: Botond Nagy

Directed by: Botond Nagy